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ThinkTank 2.41NP, 9/25/87

ThinkTank 2.41NP was released on September 25, 1987

It's character-based! It has a command interface patterned after Lotus 1-2-3, except the commands are at the bottom of the screen.

The download also includes the OS/2 version. (ThinkTank was one of the first apps to be released for OS/2.) This release came after Ready! and after the company had switched over to Macintoshes. It was the last release of our PC product line, championed by Bob Bierman, who is now at UserLand. Bierman was persistent!

The first release of ThinkTank for the PC (1984) was a straight port from the Apple II version, with the help of Peter Norton's Inside the IBM PC.

Earlier versions of ThinkTank on the PC were copy-protected.

Random notes

It remembers the last file you had opened, and reopens it the next time it launches.

It makes sound! There's a routine that clicks the speaker, every time the software checks for the Escape key. Originally I put this in as a way to be sure that it was checking often enough, during lengthy operations. I left the sounds in, people thought ThinkTank had a motor! In fact we explained them by calling them the "motor sounds".

As you use it, be sure to have the reference card handy.

Here's a scan of the back of the box.

And the front of the box.


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